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Hunting season

My goal for each member is to not only help you make every hunting season a successful one, but also to give you the knowledge you need to shorten your learning curve about whitetail behavior, so you can give yourself an unfair advantage against mature bucks. What you’ll discover in this site is not geared to sell you the latest hunting products which you see on all the hunting shows and TV commercials, but will show you real strategies that you can follow every month of the year leading up to hunting season.

Let me fill you in on a secret…. The most successful hunters are not successful because of how they hunt during hunting season. They shoot the big bucks because of what they know about whitetail behavior, and because of the hard work and preparation they put into hunting the during the long off-season. Then you have the guys on TV who seem to shoot big bucks on every show because they only hunt on highly managed property. Many of these high profile hunters make good money promoting hunting products on TV and in videos. They want you to think they’re successful because of the products they endorse. But what they don’t tell you is how much work is done to these properties in the off-season so that the odds are stacked in their favor when the video cameras are present.

That’s where the information on this site comes in. You’re going to discover a wealth of information that frankly, a lot of high profile hunters don’t even know about. You won’t find a lot of “fluff” or hype on this site. Instead we’re going to dig deep and give you the year round strategies you need to consistently see and harvest mature bucks. So let’s get started. Guide buying the best predator hunting gear at: 

First, don’t be overwhelmed by all the links on the left side. Just click on the month in which you became a member and check out everything on that page. If you have any questions about anything, just leave a question or comment or story in the box at the bottom of that page so that I or another member can help answer your questions. Once you access the content for a certain month, you’ll always have access to it as a Sniper member so you can go back and review it as many times as you like. Everytime the calendar changes to a new month, log into your Sniper site and check out the content for that month. Always feel free to leave questions and comments or your story at the bottom of the page for every month. We will be having a “coaching call” once a month where you can submit your questions ahead of time about anything whitetail hunting related. The calls will be recorded and archived for you to check out and review anytime.

Click on the month in which you joined to the left to access this month’s content. Each new month you will automatically receive access to that month as long as you are a Trophy member.

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Please feel free to give me your feedback and let me know what else you would like me to do more videos on. I can always add more videos to each month if you guys want them.